Net Neutrality: It Affects Everyone…

This is an issue that is extremely serious. Blogs like mine, small business, and our lives as we know them will be seriously affected if the net neutrality laws are repealed. This means that you and I will have to… Continue Reading

My Minimalist Wardrobe + Do I recommend Minimalism???

Notable Women of Color: Ophelia Devore

Fashion: Ruth Negga Inspiration

  Ruth Negga Inspiration by houseofvektur featuring statement earrings

Fashion: Pink Wednesday, Outfit Recreation

  Pink Wednesday by houseofvektur featuring a bell sleeve dress

Fashion: Off the Shoulder Wonder

  Off the Shoulder Wonder by houseofvektur featuring a cutout romper

Jean Jackets and Floral Dresses

  Summer Floral by houseofvektur featuring a button dress

Welcome to July!