Rode Go Mic Mishaps

Happy Thursday Everyone! Last month, I purchased the Rode Go Mic for my canon T6 Rebel. Well, it turns out the mic input on my camera is too small for plug that goes to the mic. Unfortunately, I found this out during a video shoot. A VIDEO SHOOT! Naturally, I was a little pissed. When […]

Photographers Known and Unknown: Yuichi Ikehata

Yuichi Ikehata is the Salvador Dali of the contemporary photography world. His surreal photography blends 3D sculpture and digital editing to create photos that are breathtaking. His existential take on photography is sensual and decaying in ways that shock you, but makes you think. He works largely with a gray scale color palette and incorporates […]

Photoshoots in Parking Lots

Welp, dearest reader, if you remember from my last post, I am in a slight slump with finding places to shoot portraits. I have to get CREATIVE, dear reader, and I mean CREATIVE! Literally, I am looking everywhere and at everything for inspiration. For some reason, I completely forgot about the power of a good […]

Pursuing Your Dreams

Hey Reader! Just some random thoughts on this stunning September day! Model is Chelsea- @chelseab_x3. Life is a phenomenal, beautiful experience. Everyday we are blessed with the opportunity to embrace life, try new things, and take a step toward your purpose. What is your purpose? It’s that nudge or gnawing desire you just can’t get […]

In the Mirror

In the mirrorI judge myselfpick apart enigmatic flawsleave myself barren In the mirror I love myselfPray these feelings lastWrap myself in the love my own embrace In the mirrorI cry to myselfDeep down, I know I amthe only one who fully understandsthe tears I cry In the mirrorI heal myselfSelf inflicted verbal woundsHallucinating festersHeal from […]

Portrait Photography: New Perspectives on Common Things

Hey There Reader! Long time, no post! I am back and better than ever and I have a plethora of new content planned for the blog and YouTube channel. I’m excited and I hope you are too! Keep checking back as I will post on Tuesday and Thursdays. Also, I will be bringing back the […]

Artist Spotlight: Robbie Soto and Making the Best of Your Now

Dear Reader, Happy Freakin’ Friday! May you play hard and rest hard this weekend! For those of you that have followed my YouTube channel or Instagram, I started a series called “Artist Spotlight” highlighting up and coming artists of all kinds. I love creating this series and I am happy I get interview fellow creatives that […]

Cultivating Confidence: Journeying to the Magic Within

Dear Reader, I thank so much for tuning in this week! I have some intriguing content ahead for the month from June and I am excited to share my photography, experiences, and journey with you. The pictures above, are from a shoot I did with Hope a few weeks ago. I am immensely proud of […]

Things I Film: Movin’ by AshtheArtist

Hello my Darling Reader, I absolutely adore music that speaks to me.  When an artist takes the time to actually think about the lyrics, the composition, and the movement of their song, I feel like I can connect with their soul. It’s cathartic, endearing, and makes me feel more connected to my fellow man.  I had […]

Artist Spotlight: The Search Within – Dustin Perrott

“Artist Spotlight” will be a series focusing on artists of all kinds and their message.