The Best Quote from Nikki Giovanni + What it Means to Me

Going Through Pain? Read This Now!

For those of you who are struggling             I wish you your soul comfort For those dealing with heartbreak             I pray you will find love in yourself     … Continue Reading

The Art of Being Yourself

The Art of Being Yourself: The Quest for Individuality Good Morning my Darling Readers! It has been quite a hiatus, but I am elated to say that I am back from my vacation wholly refreshed! It was essential for me… Continue Reading

Fashion: Ruth Negga Inspiration

  Ruth Negga Inspiration by houseofvektur featuring statement earrings

Fashion: Pink Wednesday, Outfit Recreation

  Pink Wednesday by houseofvektur featuring a bell sleeve dress

Fashion: Off the Shoulder Wonder

  Off the Shoulder Wonder by houseofvektur featuring a cutout romper

Jean Jackets and Floral Dresses

  Summer Floral by houseofvektur featuring a button dress

What is “The Revival” and What does it mean for me?

Welcome to July!