About Me

The world is bright, beautiful and shining. Inspiration comes from the simplest things. Spur of the moment, the magic comes as the muse whispers in the creator’s ear.

Welcome, Welcome to my Blog!

Thank you so much for stopping by my little artsy corner of the net!

In math, the term “vector” means magnitude and direction. “Vektur” is a play on the word and spelled with k ’cause it looks cool. I see my art as an extension of myself that will take me to boundless places!

On HouseofVektur I share my projects, thoughts, and creativity. There is so much that goes on in my brain and this site is my area to express, emote, and manifest.

I post as I am inspired. When the muse shows me a new creative project or gives me a creative idea, I do my best to follow it. Ultimately, my goal is to inspire others to create, create, create!

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