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Long time no post, eh? If you haven’t already noticed, there are some new changes to HoV. A new logo and a new site design (for the umpteenth time, god). I like change. Change is good. Change is sexy and fresh. Anywho, I digress!

Speaking of change, I had the chance to get out and shoot around the DC Street Meet at Soleado Lavender Farm! Like how cool! I’ve never done a photography specific event before so I was tremendously excited. Plus, it ‘s nice to get out a shoot in different areas with different people. A change in energy is like a cool glass of water on a muggy day.

Look how freaking gorgeous this place is!!!! How can you not just bask in the glory of nature? I was awe smacked! Honestly, if I could have, I really wanted to sit and meditate and relax in nature. However, I was at the event for a reason!

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Model: @ashtheartist_7

Overall, the event was extraordinarily successful! I took plenty of beautiful pictures and created. One thing I do know is that I will need to graduate my camera to a device more mature, if you will. The lenses I want require a full frame camera and my sweet little Canon Rebel T6 cannot fit those. Alas, I enjoy learning to use what I have well. It’s beautiful and pushes me to appreciate what I have. Someday soon the upgrade shall come! For now, I am going to learn all I can about cameras and snap on!

More Info:

StreetMeet holds events all across major cities in the U.S. To find a Street Meet event near you, have a gander at their website! If you’re in the D.C. area, follow Street Meet DC on Instagram for updates and their next shindig!

And, of course, for more content from me and to see more pictures I took from the event, follow me on all of my social pages!

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