If you are new to photography, shooting portraits is the best way to get started! Everyone has shot a portrait of someone in their life at one time or another. But, how exactly can you take your photography to the next level? Well, in my experience, buying the right equipment is the first step. From amateurs to seasoned professionals, the studio is the best place to shoot portraits. No need to worry about the weather, the direction of the sun or external background distractions. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Location, Location, Location

Before I discuss equipment, let’s talk location. If you plan on setting up a small portrait space in your house, make sure you have enough room. The garage, basement or empty area of your room should be just fine for a small portrait space. If you don’t have room in your house, check to see if there are spaces around town that you can take your portrait equipment to and shoot!

Blank Wall or Backdrop with Holder

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

There are two ways to do a basic portrait studio backdrop: Use a blank wall or buy a backdrop.

If you found a space in your house for portraits, you can always designate a blank wall for a portrait background. I would recommend painting it black or white if it’s not either of these colors already.

On Amazon, I’ve seen two kinds of backdrops: Paper and cloth backgrounds. This choice between the two entirely depends on your preference. I bought a basic, white cloth background that came with clips. I like it alot and it works perfectly with the background holder I purchased. If you buy a paper background, you can use a background holder or tape the background to a wall. I’ve seen people use a large roll of paper from the craft store for a background.


I will always recommend setting up your portrait studio where natural light is available. Natural light compliments the skin beautifully. Next to natural light, I recommend purchasing umbrella lights. Umbrella lights help diffuse the lighting so it’s not harsh. You can find an inexpensive set on Amazon and they’re perfect for beginners! The set I brought from Amazon came with two umbrella lights and I absolutely love them!


You can buy a stool online or at your local thrift shop! The height of the stool depends to the height of your background and the client.

The equipment above will get you started with shooting portraits in a studio setting! It’s what I used to get me started with taking pictures. I also recommend this studio setup for shooting eBay photos if you are an online seller like me!

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