3 Super Easy Ways to Make Money with Photography

Photography is an amazing hobby! With your camera in hand, you take amazing sport action shots or photograph loved ones at the family barbecue. It’s easy to take pictures for fun, but, how exactly do you start getting paid for photography?

Well, dear reader, I will show you 3 easy ways to get started making money with photography! Before I begin, I do want to say that with everything be patient. It may take a short while to generate income and things might be slow, but do not give up! The more energy you put into selling and growing your brand as a photographer the more clients will come along. Build your portfolio, network, and grow!

#1 Sell your photos on stock websites.  

This is the easiest way to make money with photography (at least in my opinion). If you take excellent photos, instead of sharing your best shots for free on Instagram, submit them to stock photography websites! There are a plethora of stock photo sites that are looking for photographers to share their work (paid and unpaid).  The top three on my list are Alamy, Adobe Stock (I’m currently selling on here), and Shutterstock. One thing to remember when selling stock photography, is that you need to pick your best images. After all, people will be paying for your work, why not give them your very best!

#2 Discounted headshot photography for actors, singers, and other performing artists.

If you live in an area that has a decent arts scene, there is probably a need for headshots. Performing artists are always looking to take amazing headshots especially if they are for less money-wise. To get started, reach out to your local community theatre and offer headshots to performers for $15 – $20. You can take their photos outside or buy inexpensive but effective photography lights and backdrops off Amazon. If headshot photography becomes your niche, start reaching out to professional performers, upgrade your gear, and charge more for your work!

#3 Event Photography

I love event photography! It gives me an excuse to go out, meet new people, and grow as a photographer! Now, when I say event photography, I’m talking about parties, mixers, and get-togethers. If you haven’t photographed an event before, start out by volunteering your time as a second shooter to other photographers or offer to do it for free for an event venue. Once you have a few events under your belt and a moderate sized portfolio, start charging for your services. Networking in key in order to be successful! When you’re not shooting, talk to people. Tell them who you are and what you can do for them as a photographer!

So, dear reader, do you currently do any of the items above? Are there other ways you make money from photography? Let me know on one of my social pages or in the comments below!

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