Happy Thursday Everyone!

Last month, I purchased the Rode Go Mic for my canon T6 Rebel. Well, it turns out the mic input on my camera is too small for plug that goes to the mic. Unfortunately, I found this out during a video shoot. A VIDEO SHOOT! Naturally, I was a little pissed. When I bought the mic, I thought, hey I saw a microphone input on my camera. I didn’t check to make sure it fit because I wanted to film an unboxing video. Side note: This video is not happening, I have something better I am working on. I take the mic and camera to the shoot and wabam! Shit doesn’t work, woo! Thank God, I didn’t need the mic at all.


The question remains what the mess am I going to do with the mic? Well, dear reader, lemme tell you. The adapter on the mic fits in my iPhone. I walked around and did a sound with the mic and although it cannot fit my camera, I can record  crisper audio using my iPhone.  I’m also going to try to get an adapter that can convert the plug from the Go Mic to my camera.

We’ll see how that goes!

Happy trails!

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