Yuichi Ikehata is the Salvador Dali of the contemporary photography world. His surreal photography blends 3D sculpture and digital editing to create photos that are breathtaking. His existential take on photography is sensual and decaying in ways that shock you, but makes you think. He works largely with a gray scale color palette and incorporates life-like pops of color with his digital additions.

In the series, Fragment of Long Term Memory, the photos’ dystopian nature reminds me of a breakdown of humanity, amnesia, or just losing one’s sense of self. I liken the wiring seen in the pictures as concepts that form us and the white paper/skin as personality and identity.

Statement from Yuichi Ikehata on His Work

“The world of reality and non-reality. They are very intimate, so it is not too much to say that they are almost one. We touch non-reality with reality as a key and sometimes touch reality using a key of non-reality. Reality is beautiful, sad, funny and completed, but happens nothing there. Fragments that cut out of reality already show a fictitious world. I collect the fragments, edit, arrange and capture them. It is just a “pure myth.” However, my real world.”

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