Pursuing Your Dreams

Woman standing in the park

Hey Reader!

Just some random thoughts on this stunning September day! Model is Chelsea- @chelseab_x3.

Life is a phenomenal, beautiful experience.

Everyday we are blessed with the opportunity to embrace life, try new things, and take a step toward your purpose.

What is your purpose?

It’s that nudge or gnawing desire you just can’t get out of your head. The deep ingrained feeling that you know you are supposed to do that one thing (or things). I’m not talking about everyday tasks, but that desire you know you were born to do.

Life is beautiful but it throws curveballs at us: Sickness, trauma, bills, breakups, and the list moves on. Never give up! If you feel like you must bring your purpose to pass, please trust and understand that life is fighting for you. Each “setback” is meant to teach us a lesson in how to love harder, how to be stronger, and how to be adaptable.

Dear reader, you have everything you need within you. All the answers tucked away in the tiny regions of your soul. Dig deep. Trust the process. Pursue your dreams.

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