Portrait Photography: New Perspectives on Common Things

Red Door near a Coffee Shop

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Long time, no post! I am back and better than ever and I have a plethora of new content planned for the blog and YouTube channel. I’m excited and I hope you are too! Keep checking back as I will post on Tuesday and Thursdays. Also, I will be bringing back the monthly newsletter so make sure you are signed up! Any who, onto the post!

Man standing in front of a red door
Rich Myaing – @RICHIE.raw

In my photography excursions, one dilemma I’m facing is trying to find decent places to shoot portraits. Yes, I could set up a portrait studio in my house, but I like taking portraits outside. The weather outside is nice and it gives me an excuse to travel.  In my area, there aren’t a lot of pretty areas in the immediate vicinity. The areas that I like are recognizable if I used them too much. My preference is to keep my background and content fresh.  I have to either go out of town to take pictures or find new perspectives around town.

Man standing in front of a red building

For this photoshoot, I asked my model, Rich, to meet me at a local coffee shop. The backs of buildings or coffee shops are always nice. If you are going for an “urban” themed shoot, the brick on the buildings make a beautiful background. I chose this coffee shop as it has visually interesting nooks and crannies behind the building. The end results were phenomenal. I actually think I might shoot there again in the future.

I love the brick detailing of the buildings and the little alleyways. Across the way, the building had a picturesque field and wide open sky that was photographically nice.

Finding new ways to look at commons things stretches the creative muscles. It also makes me appreciate things I normally overlook. I will try to challenge myself to find odd spots for portraits. I might find a new place I’ve missed before!

What about you, dear reader? How do you find places you want to photograph? Let me know in the comments or on one of my social pages.

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