Artist Spotlight: Robbie Soto and Making the Best of Your Now

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For those of you that have followed my YouTube channel or Instagram, I started a series called “Artist Spotlight” highlighting up and coming artists of all kinds. I love creating this series and I am happy I get interview fellow creatives that are chasing after their dreams and making them come true. I am up to two videos in this series and my most recent video I interviewed a very dear friend of mine: Robbie Soto. He’s a director, producer, “retired” actor, and president of  Authentic Community Theatre. I highly encourage you to watch the video as he shares some AMAZING tips and inspiration to those that are aspiring to make the arts their life. 

Man with his hat turned sideways. Make the best of your now. House of Vektur.

We only have the present moment. Make the best of your now. 

The biggest inspiration I gathered from Robbie’s video was to make the best of your now. As an artist, type-A personality, and individual that chronically lives in the future, I tend look too far into the “what’s next” aspects of life.  I shift into restlessness and forget to appreciate and utilize my now. We can make as many plans as we want, however if we do not do what we desire to do in whatever capacity now, we will never elevate to the next level. 

Man fixing his collar. Make the best of your now. House of Vektur.

How do we make the most of where we are at? 

What can I do to make the most of where I am?

What am I doing to get better at my craft?

Am I utilizing the resources available to me now?

The answer to these questions will determine your altitude. For instance, If you want to be an actor, are you currently acting and building your resume? Are you working at your craft daily? Are you auditioning for shows (paid, unpaid, community theatre)? What you are doing in your now will determine how successful you will be in the future. Don’t wait to work on your craft when you move to L.A or NYC or wherever. Kick-ass where you are at and the opportunities to do bigger things will present themselves because you are putting in the hard work. 

How do you utilize the resources and opportunities in your town? How do you work on your craft everyday? Let me know in the comments or on my social pages.


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