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Hello my Darling Reader,

I absolutely adore music that speaks to me.  When an artist takes the time to actually think about the lyrics, the composition, and the movement of their song, I feel like I can connect with their soul. It’s cathartic, endearing, and makes me feel more connected to my fellow man. 

I had the pleasure of creating the music/choreography video for my buddy AshtheArtist. Her song ‘Movin’ spoke to me and I felt compelled to create something, anything.  One line in the song goes: 

Watch how these niggas movin’ around you

Listen to my words

Resonate with me…


It’s my favorite line because of the truth it speaks. We have to learn that not everyone we meet is for us, for our message, and what we stand for. At the end of the day, that is completely okay! See it for what it is and move on in love (easier said than done).

Philosophical rant aside, filming this video was interesting for me. As the director, camerawoman, and choreographer, it was a lot of pieces to juggle on a shoot. I see why people collaborate with others to create film projects because being a team of one can be slightly overwhelming.  The next time I film, which will be soon, I will have a better story board and tailor the choreography to specific shots. I left a lot up to chance and I am happy with the end result, but next time, I would like to film more organized. 

If you haven’t seen the video, what in the world are you waiting on Dear Reader? Watch it here:

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