Artist Spotlight: The Search Within – Dustin Perrott

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Hello My Darling Reader and Artist Alike,

Spring has sprung on the Eastern side of the U.S. and I am extremely happy. I love the winter and everything that it brings, but I love the sun and the smell of a glorious spring!


This first quarter of 2019 was relatively busy for me. I completed a lot personally and professionally and tried to keep productive. One of the things I am mostly proud of is the interview I did with my buddy Dustin. I had the pleasure of performing with him in two shows (Grease and Rent), and he let me interview him for my YouTube channel.

I love being in the arts because I get to meet cool, creative people. I can say that I have multiple people in my life that are actively creating and seek to pursue their passions for themselves and for the  betterment of the world.

If I could give any advice to an aspiring artists, I would say ‘Be True to Yourself.’

Dustin Perrott

One thing that stuck out to me in the interview is the beginning of Dustin’s journey as a musician. He stated that he  would try to conform to what people wanted. As an artist myself, I am working to push past those barriers of altering my craft just for the comfort of what people want or expect of me.  I am learning to be myself and fully myself. At the end of the day, if a person or people can’t accept your art, your personality, your pain, your issues, etc. for what they are, simply they aren’t the people for you. It’s ok. They move on peacefully and you continue to be your bright and beautiful self!

If you haven’t seen the video already, you can watch the full interview below:

“Artist Spotlight” will be a series focusing on artists of all kinds and their message. I hope you find it just as inspirational as I do! More videos in this series to come soon!

Check out Dustin’s music project at @thesrchwthn on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


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