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Poetry & Prose: ” Moody”

Living this Life Poetry Writing

I wake up in the morning

Semi-happy, Fully grateful

I get dressed, clean, and beautiful

Off to work on a bright, summer’s day

My penchant for existence sails around my brain, my vibe, and my soul

The things I feel elevate me to etheric realities

Morning flows into midday. The “to dos” and “to-get-dones” check off with the ticking of the clock

The day wears on my vibe. The people, their feelings, my feelings, mix. Melancholy and happy all in one

I feel. They feel. Energy and chemistry cause a reaction of the soul, the mood

I am thrusted into an unwilling respite from the bubbly feelings and sweetness of the bright, summer morning

I control my feelings and move from my moodiness to an unbothered zen-like state

The serene I feel after a storm leads me to a calmer state of mind

I remember who I am in my soul

I remember I am not my moods, my feelings, or my reactions

I remember at my core I am a being of peace




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