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My Current Read: Better Single than Sorry by Jen Schefft


Happy Wednesday my Darlings!

I am currently trudging steadfastly through my single season. There are ups and downs, but I am navigating it relatively well with the help of a few resources. One thing I enjoy doing during my spare time is reading about how to be productive whilst being a single woman. I purchased Ashley Emower’s Worthy of the Wait and MAN-i-Fest your Godly Man classes and I loooove the ideas she shares in these courses.

While meandering through 2nd and Charles one fine evening, I stumbled across “Better Single than Sorry” completely unaware of the gem I came across. After reading a few pages, I instantly felt hooked and compelled buy Jen Schefft’s book. I am not finished reading this item, however, the information she shares about singleness and becoming a woman that is fully confident in herself and in the dating world is phenomenal. If you are a single female, I absolutely recommend that you pick this book up today.

I want to share a piece of this book that protruded out to me the most so far:

“This is why so many friends end up falling in love. There is zero game playing. Neither party is worried about saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing. You’re acting completely like yourself. You give that person as much time and attention as you want; your actions are not calculated.”

The snippet above is from Chapter 3: “Don’t Play Hard to Get, Be Hard to Get.” I am adoring this section so far because Schefft debunks the whole “playing hard to get” myth. She shares that when we actually are engrossed in creating our own lives as single women, we don’t have to play the “hard to get” game when dating because we will actually be so. Our lives as single women should be so full of the things we love that we aren’t desperate for a man to fill voids that we can fill on our own. I thought this notion was profound. As I go through some of the other “single” season books, I find this very same piece of advice. Fill your life with what you want and the guy that is right ¬†for you will fit in, no games played.

I would like to finish this book in a month or two. I have a few other reads I am trying to work through at the moment, but this book will definitely the self-help title I reach for when craving a single girl pick me up.

If you are single, are there any books you like to read about singleness? Does “Better Single than Sorry” sound like a book you would read?

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