WordPress Finding Everyday Inspiration Day #1: Why I Write


Dearest Darling Reader,

I have an amazing feeling about this week! Magical things are happening all around us. The sky is bright, the air is clear, and the birds are chirping!

Currently, I am working through the “Finding Everyday Inspiration” WordPress Blogging University email class (you can find it here). I absolutely loooovee this course because it pushes me past my writer’s block. One of the hardest things about blogging is coming up with meaningful content. I like to post things that I care about and are pleasant to mentally naw on. The daily emails in this course utilize pictures, quotes, and prompts in ways that are simple and easy to remember. I think I will include a few of my responses to the prompts on this blog. Just as a disclaimer, I am free writing my responses. That means no editing what so ever. If something doesn’t make sense or lacks rhyme or reason, just go with it. That’s the beauty of writing. It can be as free or as strict as you like.

Below is my response to day #1. Enjoy! 🙂

“Why I Write”

I write to feel the peace within me roar to life. The must delivers and I am her faithful servant. She takes hold of my hand and I compelled to take pen to paper.

I write to feel alive! From the tips of my finder to the ball of shoulder to the power coursing through my body, the power of prose electrocutes my senses and stirs my inner existential.

I write for Love. Peace. Joy. Chaos. Foundation. Life. Death. Change. Healing. Spirit.

Have you heard of the WordPress Blogging University? Why do you like to write? Let me know on one of my social pages or in the comments below!




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