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Eclectic Decorating: How I Organize my Jewelry

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Hello Dear Reader!

I am obsessed with all things eclectic, shabby-chic, and boho. I love these decorating styles because they whisk me off to another time or place. Specifically, whenever I encounter anything eclectic or boho, I feel like I’m being transported to a colorful market in Marrakech or an elven, Stardust-y realm. In my room, I like to feel creative and quirky, so I try to decorate even the smallest things with eccentric details.

A project I tackled this weekend was changing the way I organized my bracelets in particular. I like to be able to see all of my pieces (my jewelry collection is relatively small) so I can access them easy in the morning when I need to get up and go. One idea I had was to place my bracelets, earrings, rings, and more precious pieces in little bowls. My grandmother recently sent up some stunning¬†Polish pottery, and I used one of the bowls to hold my bracelets and it looks so cute on my dresser. To hold my earrings and rings, I use an antique glass container to hold my earrings and an heirloom glass holder for my rings. My more precious pieces are in a hand crafted button box my great-grandmother gave me but I’m sure a similar item can be diy-d or found at a thrift shop.

For my necklaces, I simply place tacks on my bookshelf and hang the lovelies for the world to see (photo below)!

Necklaces Necklace Organize Jewelry


If you are interested in finding cute knick-knacks to hold your jewelry, hair care items, or anything you can think of, I recommend checking out your local antique stores, thrift shops, or places like Pier 1 Imports or 10 Thousand Villages.

What’s your favorite decorating style? How do you organize your jewelry? ¬†Let me know in the comments below or on one of my social media pages.


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