Spring Natural Hair Routine 2018!

Natural Hair

Hello my Darling Readers,

Spring has sprung on the east coast and I can finally let my hair loose. Now that the weather is warmer, I love letting my hair bask in the sun and fly free. In previous times, I used to keep my hair routine simple in general, but I fell off the band wagon when I started to buy more hair products for the winter time. I started to become frustrated with my hair because it always seemed to be dry after a day or two. In my mind, it didn’t make sense to put a bunch of products on my hair to only have my hair revert to a state I was trying hard to avoid. Remembering my previous regimen, I forgot how a simple routine kept my hair moisturized, healthy, and beautiful.

Below is my current regimen for spring 2018:

1. Cleanse and Deep Condition one time a week

Keeping my scalp clean is my number one tip for growing and maintaining healthy hair. Since I exercise quite a bit and keep active, it is absolutely necessary for my scalp to be CLEAN! On top of my active lifestyle, I have the kind of scalp that becomes extremely dirty real fast (for the life of me I cannot figure out why). If I do not cleanse my hair one to maybe two times a week, I can feel the build up and I know that is not healthy.

2. Moisturize and Simple, Low Maintenance Styling

After rinsing out the shampoo and conditioner, I immediately seal in the moisture with whatever light oil I have on hand. For this part, I use vegetable oil since it feels relatively light.  I detangle my hair and place my tresses in four sections. I add coconut oil to my hair and seal the oil in with shea butter. In each section, I place my hair in 3-4 twists or braids. The next day I take my down my hair and comb or finger comb by curls. Sometimes I do a cute twisted style or I leave my fro out. Either or, my hair is goooorrgeous for the week ahead. Simple routine, right?

Since I switched up my hair regimen and reduced the amount of products I use, I must say that my hair feels emollient and soft for days on end. Now, I do have to remoisturize my hair, however, it doesn’t feel like a tumbleweed after two days like before. To remoisturize, I just re-section my hair and apply coconut oil and shea butter.

What is your spring haircare routine? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media pages!


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