Inspiration Interview #1: Nae

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Good Day Dear Reader!

I absolutely love learning about women my age shooting for the stratosphere in their life. It is so important to surround yourself with people that are charting new courses and making positive changes in this life. I want to use the “Inspiration Interviews” series as chance to find and interview women (and men) in hopes of sparking a new wave of creativity and elation in your life!

Today, I present to you my best friend and fellow blogger/Instagrammer Nae. She has been my buddy through it all and has walked with me through some of my toughest spots. I hope you enjoy what she has to say!

Q: What is your blog about?

A: My blog is about self love and self care.

Q: If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

A: The advice I would give my younger self would be not to care what others think about you & to know your worth always and never settle for less.

Q: What is self love? What does it mean to you?

A: Self love to me is knowing your true value and worth, taking care of your soul and loving and accepting your self as you are.

Q: How do you practice self love?

A: I practice self love by having “ me “ time,treating myself,working on myself on a daily basis & just simply accepting myself for who I truly am. Showing myself love everyday.

Q: What makes a good friend? What makes a best friend to you? Can you categorize friendships?

A: A bestfriend to me is someone who is there for you through good times and hard times, uplifts you,can work through sticky situations with you, spend times with you , and just enjoy life together ❤. Someone you can talk to about anything without feeling judged and can trust them to the fullest.

You can find Nae on her Instagram @s0ulvibes_.


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