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Travel on a Budget: Ideas for the Frugal and Fierce

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Dearest Darling Reader,

I hope your day is going quite well! Lately, my wanderlust has peaked to unimaginable heights. Every weekend, I itch to just hop on a plane and travel to a picturesque beach or  bathe in a Costa Rican waterfall!

However, It takes money to travel to exotic locations and (especially for new grads like me) it takes a little time to establish yourself so you can comfortably travel without worrying about money. The question is how can you economically quench your wanderlust without breaking the bank?

My Solution: Utilize the weekends and your car!

When I think travel, I always think about hopping on a plane and going somewhere for 3-4 days. For those of us that have regular jobs, that sucks up PTO (paid time off) and you can only travel like that sporadically. Plus, traveling on a plane, booking a hotel, and then paying for other items on your trip can add up to $500+ each trip which can eat your savings/income if you do it often.

Since, I’m even more of a stickler on saving, if I decide to travel, I go on the weekends/days off and I like to go to pretty parks and free events that are within a 2 hour distance from me. When I do this, I pay for my gas and food and I don’t have to worry about overspending. Plus, I can get away for a day without eating up PTO time. 9 times out of 10 there are so many interesting/hidden things that are car accessible to you! All you have to do seek out interesting things to do in your area.

Another thing I recommend is to look on sites like Groupon, Eventbrite, and your local event columns in the paper to find cheap things to do.

Now that I have the time to do more things I love, I feel like I can satisfy the travel urge, expand my horizons, and save for some of those “bigger” trips I want to take (Cost Rica! Woo!).


How do you like to travel on a budget? Where do you like to go? Comment below or on one of my social media channels!


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