Winter Fashion 2018: How to Dress Fashionably when it’s Freezing!!


Good Day Dear Readers!

It is absolutely frigid on the East Coast of the USA! I have NEVER experienced temperatures this chilly! It’s so cold outside, that my darling Asos coat is barely enough to keep my little self warm!

Can you believe it?

From small glimpses at the news ( I do not watch the news AT ALL dear reader), I gather that the entire US of A is experiencing a cold explosion of some sort. There are some places in the U.S. that are hovering in the single digit temperatures!

Nevertheless, I am appreciative of the snot-cicle weather as it is appropriate for the winter season! November and December 2017 was too warm for my taste.  I dare say, I think I actually like the blustery air!

As I travel about my days in the mini Ice Age, I can’t help but wonder how exactly I am to stay fashionable in the cold air whilst maintaining a sense of warmth. In this weather, I refuse to sacrifice my fashion sense and warmth. To remedy this plight, I thought of a few tips that might help us fashionable ladies stay warm and sexy in temperatures that are less than fashionably appealing.

#1: Layering

Layering your clothes is an absolute winter must! You can still be cute and warm when you layer your clothes! If you have pieces in your winter wardrobe that don’t keep you as warm as you like, utilize long-sleeve undershirts, leggings, and my all time favorite, thick cardigan sweaters! Layering is the best way to make thinner clothing weather appropriate. There is even an entire fashion genre dedicated to layering. In freezing weather, it’s your best bet to maintain your style and warmth!

#2: Leg warmers and Boot Cuffs

As a dancer, I personally am obsessed with leg warmers in the winter time. They keep my ankles and calves nice and toasty during rehearsal. For day to day wear, I style leg warmers overtop of leggings, sweatpants, jeans, and over tights to give my body the extra warmth it needs. Another trend I have yet to try but see quite a lot, is the boot cuff. Boot cuffs are supposed to be place right at the knee or wherever the top part of your boot cuts off. Whenever I layer comfy socks and leg warmers, my feet and calves always feel warm during these bone chilling days!

#3 Double Up on Your Scarves!

I tried this trick recently when I had to run a few errands but found that the scarf I matched with my outfit was way to thin for the weather outside. If you have an outfit that you want to wear a thinner scarf over top of, don’t fret. You don’t need to dig in your closet for a thicker match to keep your neck warm. What you can do is wear the thinner scarf under a thicker scarf and place on your coat as usual. The double insulation will keep your neck and chest toasty and you’ll be able to wear what you want! Simple as that! I like this tip the most because the scarves I pair with my outfits run on the thin side. I don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth!

What do you think about the tips above? How do you stay warm and fashionable in freezing temperatures?

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