Welcome 2018: I’m Baack! Happy New Year My Readers!

Living this Life

My Darlings! Happy New Year!

2017 has vanished and we glamorously saunter into the fabulous, flourishing year of 2018! I am ready to lock and load and crank out a plethora of exciting content for you! I feel that 2018 will be a time of extensive growth and empowerment and I CANNOT wait to take you along for the ride!

Going forward, my post days will be every Wednesday and Friday. Since I will be delivering posts only twice a week, I want to make sure I give you meaty content to enjoy. Expect more poems, articles, original photographs, and, new for this year, interviews from notable women that I know and love!
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I love you tremendously dear reader and I truly hope 2018 showers you with blessings and light!


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