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My Minimalist Wardrobe + Do I recommend Minimalism???

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My Fall Minimalist Wardrobe is Super Tiny

Good Day Dear Reader!

Can you believe we are basically at the end of November already? Where is the time going?

I feel that the end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on the choices and events of the year. One major thing that I embarked on in 2017 was minimalism! If you have seen my previous posts, I have been practicing this lifestyle for a few months now. I have scaled back soooooo many items in my room and in my wardrobe. For the most part, my fall/winter wardrobe is at about 10-15 items (not including workout clothes or sweats).
Personally, 10-15 items in my wardrobe is extreme! I used to be one those shopaholics that would have plenty of clothes with absolutely nothing to wear! Scaling back my wardrobe has increased my closet space and surprisingly cleansed my mind.

My Specific Wardrobe Practice

My practice of minimalism, fashion wise, is a bit different from what I have seen online. I normally see minimalist, fashion connoisseurs wearing simple clothing in neutrals. Their wardrobes consist of subdued jewelry, basic accessories, and a specific item limit.

Andy Heart
Photo from Andy Heart- SHADES OF PINK*

For me, I don’t like to limit my style. I enjoy giving myself the freedom to experiment with different patterns, colors, and prints when the desire arises. My style sense operates in “phases.” Additionally, I enjoy flamboyant accessories. If my outfit is simple, I adore wearing big earrings, colorful jewelry, and decadent scarves. In the summer, I prefer to wear dresses with color, and in the winter, I stick to blacks and other neutral shades and I pair them with bright accessories. With my minimalist fashion practice, I try to only buy items I need, and I like to own enough clothes to last a week. My minimalism is applied to how many items I have versus keeping to a simple style and item limit.

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When I look at my wardrobe, I feel satisfied! It is blissful to know that I am wearing every item in my closet. In previous years, I did not feel joyful when looking at my clothes. A tinge of waste would be in the back of my mind. This process of simplifying my clothing to things I need, pushed me to be more creative and resourceful with the things I have. Anything that I decided wasn’t my style anymore or lost its purpose, I donated! What an ecstatic feeling!

Do I recommend Minimalism?

100% yes!

Minimalism as a whole has changed my life. The minimalism journey allowed me to clear mental blocks and space that I did not know I had. In the wardrobe sector, releasing old clothes that no longer fit me or represent me, helped me to move past the unnecessary. Letting go of simple items that I thought were trivial, cleansed me of the old. My mind has blossomed to new heights all because of removing items with old energy and welcoming the new!

How do I get started with Minimalism?

I stumbled upon minimalism first on Youtube and then I started to simply clean out possessions that no longer served me. Naturally, I do not like to aquire excessive items, so I purged with extreme prejudice. I like to go through my stuff once a month and see what I am using and what needs to be thrown out. I recommend picking  a room or area of your life that feels cluttered and begin to slowly purge. Be gentle with yourself and take your time! Minimalism is a process. It is equally a lifestyle and mental switch. Enjoy the journey!

For more resources on minimalism, I recommend the content below!

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What do you think about minimalism? Will you try it this year or in the new year? Do you ever feel cluttered?

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*Andy Heart Photo Link 

2 thoughts on “My Minimalist Wardrobe + Do I recommend Minimalism???”

  1. Wow! There’s someone out there like me? This is exactly what I think all the time, I’m a minimalist too, but my it mostly involves having fewer clothes that are good quality and making sure I’m optimally utilising my wardrobe. The thought of buying clothes but not really using them disturbs me lol! I’m so happy to find someone who relates!

    1. Yes!!! I’m so happy someone can relate too! I am glad I am not the only who gets bothered when I have too many clothes lol! Have a wonderful day!!

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