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3 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Hair

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My Hair is a Glorious Gem!

Good Day my Darling, Lovely Readers!

I don’t know about you, but I adore my hair. Every kink, curl, and strand is absolutely perfect! I love the versatility, the way it scrunches when I wake up, and the oh-so charming time I have to take to detangle each section. I love my hair so much it’s poetic!

However, I wasn’t always at this point. There was a time in my life where I did not think my hair was pretty. I thought it was ugly and everything it shouldn’t be. My hair was an unfortunate insecurity of mine that chained me down.

The question now is how exactly did I move from a point of disliking my hair to absolute infatuation with it?

Well, dear reader, continue and I will show you 3 ways to love your hair more!

Take Care of Your Hair

When you love something, you meticulously care for it, tend to its needs, and ensure its longevity. The same attitude must be applied when it comes to your hair. It does not matter if your hair is short or long, take care of your hair! Moisturize it, trim it, style it, and watch your adoration for your hair grow. The time when I disliked my hair the most was when my hair was at its unhealthiest. The ends were bad, I did not keep it in its style, and it was damaged. Looking back, my hair on a day to day basis was horrendous (in my opinion). Now, dear reader, if you wish to cultivate a divine love for your locks, simply care for them.

Speak Life Over Your Hair

Yep, I said it.

Tell your hair how beautiful you think it is.  Look in the mirror as your style your luscious locks and speak adoration over your them. It sounds absolutely insane, but when I tell you this step helped me the most I mean it. Think about it, if we work to cut out the negative talk about our bodies, why not do so with our hair?

The way I see it, my hair is on top of my head, directly covering my brain. My brain is the place where all my thoughts cozily dwell, and my hair is closest to them. I feel any crappy thoughts about my hair literally affects each strand as it travels from my mind and dissolves into the Universal ether. Therefore making my hair look even more atrocious in my skewed vision. Carve out a moment when you style your hair to tell it how much you love it in whatever state it’s in. Your hair will grow, and I bet you’ll begin to cherish it more.

Adorn Your Hair

Hair adornment is an ancient art of appreciation for our crown and glory. Personally, I like to place different kinds of flora in my hair. However, dress your hair up with any kind of beads, chains, flowers, and jewels you like. Turn it into the crown it is! Beautify it in ways you have never done before and watch your confidence soar!

Your hair is a gift from above. Love it in whatever state it is in. Long, short, natural, relaxed , whatever, it is an extention of yourself. Every last bit of it should be relished and appreciated. Your hair is beautiful and you, dear reader, are too!


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