Fall 2017 Natural Hair Regimen

My Fall 2017 Natural Hair Regimen

Natural Hair


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Fall is a brutal time for natural hair. As the days turn chillier, it is imperative that we protect and care for our hair. Afro textured hair is the most fragile hair type and needs moisture on 10 in the fall months. My natural hair regimen is relatively simple in the fall time but I mostly focus on length retention, protective styling, and MOISTURE!


Length Retention and Protective Styling

To protect my natural hair and retain length, I keep my hair in twists. I found that keeping my hair in twists, allowed for the moisture to lock into the ends and keep my hair moisturized for longer periods of time. My hair is mega frizzy and my scalp gets dirty fast so I wash my hair no more than two times per week. Each time that I wash my hair, I redo my twists.

Natural Hair Protective Styles Twists
If the temperature outside is rediculously cold and windy, I absolutely will not expose my hair to the elements. I tie a turban on my head, add some lip gloss, and go about my day. If the weather isn’t too bad outside, I pin up my twists in a retro-esque pin up do, or I put them in a ninja bun.

Natural Hair Protective Styles

Natural Hair And Moisture

Natural hair needs moisture!! The colder it is outside the more moisture you need, trust me! I wash my hair with hydration specific shampoos and add in a little olive or coconut oil. In tandem, I choose a super thick conditioner, my favorite is this one from Aussie, and leave it in for 30 minutes to deep condition.

When I do my twists, I make sure my hair is damp, and I do the l.o.c. method (Liquid, oil, cream). I add in a leave-in conditioner as my liquid, coconut or olive oil, and then come in with my styler. My hair stays pretty moisturized for a few days until I re-wash my hair and redo my twists.


For about 2 years, I have been able to maintain my length and luster during the fall by being super strict and sticking to my regimen above. As long as you continue to moisturize your natural hair and keep it protected, your hair will grow, trust me!


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What is your natural hair regimen? What kinds of protective styles do you do in the fall?
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