October Monthly Spread

Lessons Learned in October



Good Day my Dearest Readers!

I hope your Halloween was just as fabulous as mine! My favorite part about these fall holidays is that there is a never-ceasing reason to party and hang out with family.

As I grow up, I want to keep track of the lessons I am learning in my life and the various phenomena that make up my existence. I thought it would be great to start reviewing my life on a monthly and yearly basis.

October is a Month of Magic and Faith

October has been a challenging, beautiful month. One lesson that I learned  is to have faith. It hasn’t been a walk in the park for me the last few months, a lot of changes have happened that hurt but they needed to occur. October has shown me that I need to learn to have faith and trust in the process. Yes, life can sting, and we can be unsure about things that are occurring in our worlds but it is for an excellent and perfect purpose. We have these ups and downs to teach us how to believe in the magic of life, process, and the beautiful source energy that has created us.

Inspiration When Faith is Shaky

Whenever I find myself worrying, I like to turn on a motivational speech, burn some sage with the window open, dance, or meditate. The more I clear my mind, move, and bring my energy back into alignment, I feel more energized and happier. Things simply flow to me. October taught me to stop the negative thoughts, clear the space in my mind, and come back into a place of gratitude and trust. Let me tell you it has worked wonders!


If any of you dear lovelies are feeling down and faithless, read, listen, or watch some of the material below. Fill your mind with inspiration and trust and your life will flourish in the most unimaginable ways.

  1. MOGO #38 | FAITH or FEAR | DeLaurian  
  2. Getting Through Fear to Reach Your Goals
  3. Going Through Pain? Read this now!
  4. What It Means to Trust The Universe + Why You Should
  5. Self Care, Self Love: Create Space
  6. 9 Tips to Release Control and Trust the Universe


How was October 2017 for you? Let me know by commenting below or on my social media pages.


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