My Top 3 Netflix Halloween Movies

Netflix Halloween Movies

Good Day my Lovely Readers and Happy Halloween!!

Halloween is finally here! My plans are pretty simple this year, I just want to curl up on my couch and binge on some Netflix!!!

I don’t know about you all but Netflix has been seriously delivering some spine tinglers this year! I am not one for horror movies, my affinity is horror games like Slender or Outlast, but boy oh boy, the flicks this year have me sleeping with a night light on!

The movies I gravitated to this year aren’t the typical “slasher” movie like Friday the 13th but moreso psychological horror/thriller. I like movies that have a moral to them but deliver the story with a spooky, twisted edge, if you will. Without further ado, here are my top 3 favorite Halloween movies on Netflix!

#1: 1922

Netflix 1922

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Stephen King’s 1922 is my favorite scary flick of all time (so far). I was surprised to learn Stephen King wrote the story as it wasn’t as bizarre as some of his other work. However, the movie still left me with a finger-numbing chill. The simplicity of the insanity the main character evoked was inexplicably palpable in the most strange way. If you plan on having a scary movie binge this Halloween season, I unequivocally recommend starting with 1922.

#2: Gerald’s Game

Netflix Gerald's Game

Once again another Stephen King film that I would have never guessed he penned. Gerald’s Game is not traditionally scary. The brutally frightening aspects of the movie come straight from human behavior. While experiencing the movie, I found that I was appalled at the actions of certain characters. The mere fact that human beings kneel to hellish levels  is more frightening than an encounter from the “other side.” The story is excruciatingly real and somewhat painful. It provokes thought while providing chilling suspense, and I appreciated that the most about Gerald’s Game.


#3 Zombeavors


Zombeavers is literally the stupidest, “horror” movie I have ever subjected myself to watching. The beavers look like dirty, brown kitchen sponges, the acting is awful, and the story is beyond dumb. Let me tell you though, Zombeavers is chock full of B+ horror goodness and it’s too silly pass up this Halloween!   Literally, I died laughing watching the beavers parade around terrorizing the teens on the campgrounds! Check it out and thank me for the laughs later!


What do you think about the movies on the list?? What are some fun things you like to do on Halloween?

Let me know by commenting below or on one of my social media pages.

Have a safe and spooky Halloween!








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