The Best Quote from Nikki Giovanni + What it Means to Me

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Nikki Giovanni is my writing angel and soul sister. Her work is so down to earth and refreshing, in ways that I think everyone will relate to. If you are not familiar with her work or her story, check it out here.

I chose this quote from her as her “best quote” for me because it hits home for the things I am going through right now.

Recently, I had to end a relationship that I thought was for me but it turned out to simply not be in the cards for my life.

As I heal from this relationship’s close, I am choosing to take Nikki’s advice in the quote above and not make this situation about the “could have have beens” and focus on the “I tried to do.”

Life is about trying. We can never predict  the success or failure of any aspect of our lives. We can never know if the relationship will work out or if the job we applied for is the perfect fit. But one thing we can do for sure, is try.

We owe it to ourselves to take a planned leap of faith. It is in these leaps that the universe grows us and we become stronger.

My dear reader, whatever you are struggling with today, I pray that you don’t focus on the “coulds, shoulds, and woulds” but direct your attention to trying your best, leaping with faith, and trusting that there is something out there bigger than us willing to lovingly catch you.

Sending you so much love!


P.S. Let me know in the comments a time in your life when you took a leap of faith.


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