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The Art of Being Yourself: The Quest for Individuality

Good Morning my Darling Readers!

It has been quite a hiatus, but I am elated to say that I am back from my vacation wholly refreshed! It was essential for me to enjoy some rest and relaxation so I can bring you wonderful, new content.

I have quite a few items I wish to share with you and the most pressing is the Art of Being Yourself.

You are a necessity to the planet and the human race needs your ideas, innovations, and mind in full swing. There are a plethora of individuals that amaze humankind, and I would like to tell you today that you (yes, you) are welcome addition to these!

Embrace yourself, your flaws, your ponderings, and that bright, beautiful mind of yours!

Individuality is Your Birthright!

On your journey through this life, I hope you understand this minute, freeing fact: Individuality has been given to you by the Divine.  The creator itself simply gave you a body, a family, a birth location, and a destiny but left the rest of the details up to your discretion. Who you want to be is completely up to you!

You were placed on this earth to not only fulfill your own unique purpose but to fill your life with things that make your soul fly!

Understand that if the Universe gave you this very birthright, absolutely no one can take your individuality from you. You owe it to yourself to find yourself (this is a continuous process) and learn who you are in each and every phase of your life.

Learning Who You Are

Learning who you are is a lifelong journey. Each and every day you find out pieces of yourself that make up your creation. I find that journaling, using journal prompts, spending time alone, and taking self-care days helps me to sit with myself and simply get to know me. Take time to take yourself on a date and study what you’re attracted to on the menu. Find a new class and explore a new hobby with your essence. Doing small, sacred things with yourself not only boosts your self-esteem but helps you know you! I want to write a more in depth post on learning oneself, so stay tuned and keep checking back to find that article!


Finding Yourself is a Process, an Art Form

The art of being yourself is a craft to be pondered and practiced daily. Like painting or dancing, this form must be exercised regularly to be perfected. You are a complex being that is meant to be here. You are so necessary. The truth is, is that the only person on this planet that will really know you and be you is you. No one can impersonate your essence, talk like you, think like you, or feel like you.

You are 100% unique and perfect.

As you go throughout this week, think of ways that you can show up as yourself. How can you be 100% genuine in every aspect of your life? What do you like? What do you dislike? What things, people, or situations resonate with you? What doesn’t and why?

Let me know how you are learning to be yourself in the comments below!

If you found this post inspiring, please share it with the rest of the world!

Have a fantastic week!



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