The Daily Post One Word Prompt: Meddle

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Upon hearing the word “meddle”, my mind naturally envisions someone who is perhaps nosy or a situation that is interfering with my life.
According to the Merriam-Webster’s definition, to meddle means to ” interfere without right or propriety.”

In life, we encounter meddling people and experiences that just seem to exist in our lives just to mess with us. Our first response is to negatively analyze these situations/people. In reality, life is allowing these encounters to expand us. In the moment, we do not see the lesson, as time progresses we gain the wisdom to understand that difficult situations and people were there to show us the way.

It is 110% okay experience difficulty. It’s okay to not feel well. It’s okay to be upset with someone or something. It’s okay to simply not know why life is handing you interfering situations.

In the glorious end, life always explains its reasons for meddling.  Simply let life teach you, let life meddle, and let life love you!


Inspiration for this post via Daily Prompt: Meddle

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