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To Create Space is to Self Reflect

Good Morning Readers! It is wonderful to be back and better than ever! I wanted to take some time to talk about creating space.

On your journey to self discovery, there will be times when you need to escape and be alone. This aspect of our journeys is hard because you start to feel out of character, ornery, insecure, and unable to function. This is 100% normal. When you feel this way, it is time to get alone, get quiet, and create space within yourself. Self Awareness (creation of space) is key to progression and self care. When we create space, by quieting our minds and reaching inward, we check ourselves, and pour into our souls.

How Do We Create Space?

Creating space is simply the act of checking in with our souls and checking our energy. In layman’s terms, it is a time to tune up our minds and souls. We create space by taking an hour, a day, a week, or however long you choose, to be alone, to meditate, self reflect, and pour into ourselves. Light a candle, pull out a journal, unplug, sip your favorite drink, and simply spend time reflecting on yourself.

Final Thoughts

When you take time to create space, never be afraid to explore yourself. Face every crack and corner of your being. Get to know yourself and why you do or like the things you do. At first this is difficult, but it strengthen your relationship with yourself. It is trust building. Creating space allows us to cultivate the relationship we need with ourselves and to fill the empty areas within our souls.

I wish you nothing but the best in all things!

Have a wonderful week and remember that somebody loves you dearly!



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