Fashion Wardrobe Basics: The Charming Charlie Black Tote Bag Review

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                                      Black Tote from Charming Charlie!

Black Tote Bags are an Absolute Wardrobe Must!

Good Afternoon my Lovely Readers!

Let me tell you something, I do not understand why in the world it took me sooooo long to find a decent black tote bag!

On a daily basis, I carry my planner, a “girl bag” (for that time of the month), a journal, cell phone, keys, and it all piles up. I bought a super cute black satchel from Charming Charlie (see a similar one to mine here. This bag is a different style and color but it is a comparable size) and I used it for a while but it just was not big enough for me. I ended up having to buy a smaller planner and consolidating some my necessities (which I did not want to do) and so it was a bit of a waste for me.

One of the main issues that I have with totes and the reason why I waited so long before I bought a new black bag, is that the handles can be super thin and cheaply attached to the body of the bag. I wanted to find a tote that had sturdy handles and could keep up with everyday wear and tear.

Lo and Behold! Charming Charlie comes through for your girl once more!

This black tote has all the space that I need to carry my purse essentials! You can find a similar bag at Charming Charlie here.

I. adore. this.bag.

Simply put!

The handles are nice and sturdy. It is deep enough to store my medium/large sized Recollections planner, composition journal, and more without feeling so weighed down. At the top of my list, it goes with everything in my closet. This purchase will be experiencing heavy usage throughout the year, so I will come with an update on how it is holding up!

Let me know in the comments what your wardrobe essentials are!




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