Bringing Back the Color: Spring 2017 Wardrobe

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Kicking off Spring with a basketful of Lemons!

Spring 2017 is in Full Swing!

If you have been following my Instagram feed for the past couple of months, you would know that my winter wardrobe had ZERO color. When I tell you that all I wore was black, gray, and a few pops of color here and there, I mean it! Trust me….

During the winter I was going into minimalism and then trying to revamp my style, so I didn’t want to complicate my wardrobe switch. I just stuck to simple dresses like this H&M t-shirt dress and cardigan as well as black fit and flare dresses from JCPenney.

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Now that spring is alive and kicking, I will be decked out in a full array of bright, beautiful dresses and accessories! Since I am a minimalist, I keep my dress choices simple and my wardrobe small, but the pieces that I do have are 100% meaningful and will be worn to the fullest this spring and summer!

I will post more about my spring wardrobe in the future! Be sure to keep checking in for more exciting content!

Tell me in the comments what you are wearing in the spring!


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