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Good Morning Dearest Reader!

I wanted my first post of the week to reflect on things that have been on my mind of late: Mindset Transformation.

I have always been keen to a positive demeanor and mind process, but lately, I have been noticing some negative thought patterns. Funny thing is, is that I did not realize how certain thoughts I had were truly damaging. They weren’t the typical “Man, I suck” or  “God, I look bad today” mind ordeal but a deeper, subconscious sludge that suddenly struck me as being destructive.

Automatically, I will expect the worse out of a harmless situation or let deep fears infiltrate my daily thoughts. Without my conscious attention, I have allowed this kind of thinking  to shape beliefs that do not serve my mission, purpose, or character.

Now that I am awake to this negative thinking,  my resolve is to catch myself when I am being self-damaging mentally. If I find myself gearing toward mental destruction, I challenge myself through dissecting the thought. I ask myself:

  • Where is this thought coming from?
  • Is this thought good, positive, or pleasing?
  • How is it serving me?

We are all a work in progress forever, but with conscious, clear action we can heal ourselves from anything that is not beneficial to us.

I wish you nothing but strength and courage this week! Conquer the world and always remember that somebody special loves you very much!

With all my heart, adoration, and love!


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