Jewelry Darlings: Irish Marble


Hello Everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this lovely St. Patrick’s weekend! I know I did for sure! Just a side note: This month is actually Irish-American history month. So to celebrate some of my Irish heritage and to feed my obsession with Ireland, I was gifted this beautiful, Irish marble necklace!

I am not one to actively choose mega long necklaces. But this 60 inch necklace, is a total gem!

I decided to wrap this necklace 3 times about itself and wear it stacked around my neck (as seen above) like a statement necklace.

My only qualm with folding a big chain necklace several times over itself is that the topmost wrap kept choking me and I had to keep readjusting the chain. It was a bit annoying but I am sure that I can find some way to keep the necklace in place without damaging it.

Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite jewelry pieces are!


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