Beauty: Loving my Natural Self

Beauty Minimalism


Loving Yourself: The lifelong journey that many of us never embark on due to the fear of who we truly are. Why are we so scared of ourselves?

This 2017, I promised myself that I will relentlessly learn how to love myself. I am putting down society’s definitions of beauty to learn how to define my look and my being for myself.

Since I started this journey, I put aside wearing a full face of makeup (foundation, concealer, the works) for just a simple swipe of red lipstick and the flick of a spooling brush on my eyebrows in the morning. I can honestly tell you that without a doubt I feel more confident and more liberated.

I was never the type to feel like I had to wear makeup to be pretty, but as society presses, women today feel like they absolutely have to put on makeup in order to “look like something”.

The truth is , whether you like or not, you are more beautiful when you are simply just yourself. No extra volumizing mascara, no concealer, no BB cream. Simple, beautiful, you. When we embrace our true external beauty and fall in love with the person we are on the inside, it shows on our face. This self-love can’t help but radiate on your physical being and make you exuberant,irrisistable, and intoxicatingly lovely!

I wish you nothing but the absolute best and I hope that this post blessed your day abundantly!

Tell me in the comments below what your take is on natural beauty!

Love Always 🙂



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