My Winter Essentials


Ahh….winter has  come (as the Starks predicted) and while many are beckoning for the warmth of spring, I must say I am thoroughly enjoying these blustery days. Slowly but surely, my fashion wardrobe is becoming more of  what I want it to be and with Fashion Week in full effect all over the world, fashion inspiration is at its peak.
In light of this, I would like to share some of my winter essentials and hopefully it will inspire your fashion adventures for the rest of the winter wonderland!

1. Winter Wool Coats 

I literally don’t know why it took me forever to obtain a wool coat. After receiving one from my mom, I became absolutely obsessed with them! Literally my Evan Piconne wool coat keeps me nice and toasty when the weather gets icy.

2. Turbans

The winter is particularly damaging to Afro-textured hair. The harsh winds and icy temperatures literally suck the life out of my hair and damage it terribly. Instead of placing my hair in braids or weave, I wanted to learn how to tie turbans and headscarves instead. I am officially addicted to it!! I can wear my beautiful head turbans while protecting my hair from the elements a sure fire win-win.

3. My new pair of baby pumps/kitten heels

Fast fact about me: I cannot wear high heels. Point.Blank. They hurt my feet and my lower back and since I am a dancer I am really careful about the shoes I wear. Yet, I detest the idea of completely removing heels from my wardrobe. For anyone out there in the same predicament as me, get yourself a pair of comfortable kitten heels. They give me the chicness of high heels yet they aren’t as bad for my back as 3 inch pumps.

Enjoy this time of year everyone, it is a time of rest and restoration. Even when the weather is bleak, find small joy in the daily winter grind. Pour yourself a cup of tea sit back and enjoy this life!

Tell me below, what are your winter essentials?


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