Moving into Minimalism: My Fashion Journey so Far

Fashion Minimalism

If you followed fashion faithfully last year, a trend called the capsule wardrobe was literally taking the fashion world by a storm. In this mini wardrobe, if you will, you focus on scaling down your wardrobe to a few simple key pieces for your target season. While I was adopting this wardrobe method, I started to really take a look at my fashion possessions and I realized that I bought a lot of things that did not make me feel like the woman that I am aspiring to become. On top of that, I just had a lot of crap that I did not want in my closet. From there, I started to move my decluttering from my wardrobe to my overall life. I examined things that I bought and started to scale back tremendously.

My simple dabble into the capsule wardrobe method spurred to me research minimalism (here are some of my favorite youtube videos on minimalism to get you started).  Although I have seen the minimalistic lifestyle in tiny house shows on HGTV, I did not think much about it until recently.  Naturally, I always hated having too much stuff in my room. I was always constantly going through my belongings and clothes and getting rid of things to only replace those items with stuff I did not need. Last year, I decided to fully make the plunge and become a full out minimalist.

Let me tell you I have never been so liberated! In the clutter department, I only have what I need, but fashion wise, I am struggling to find my style.

Before I go on, I do want to give you a little disclaimer: This blog is not going to just focus on the minimalist lifestyle and fashion. This topic is something that is becoming near and dear to my heart and I just want to share this snippet of my life with you. “Moving into Minimalism” will just be a small series. I am a “minimalist newbie” so I am definitely not an expert on this topic.

Now to get down to business….. How am I dressing now that I decided to become minimalist?

Good Question.

It has been a rocky couple of months:

  • Fashion pieces that I thought I really liked, aren’t things that I want to buy.
  • I want to be more grungy punk with my fashion yet vintage-y, Michelle Obama – Kate Middleton-esque (not quite Rock-a-billy but steampunk????). I am trying to blend the two and it takes research goodness.
  • I have also come to the realization that I hate skirts and want to live my in a dress. Point blank.

In other words, it has been absolute fashion hell for me. Being a minimalist now, I am not giving myself liberty to just go on random shopping sprees  and pick up anything that catches my eye. Now, for the first time in my fashion life, I have to actively develop how I want to look and compare it to who I want to be. It’s difficult but entirely worth it.

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In this winter season, I refused to wear jeans and skirts. I wanted to keep my wardrobe dress based. I wasn’t feeling sweater dresses quite and I like I said earlier, I want to add some vintage flair to my outfits. I hit up H&MForever 21, and JCPenney for some cute, simple tee shirt and fit and flare dresses (all black). I pared them with big, cardigan sweaters (black, beige, and gray), stockings, knee high boots, heels, and ankle boots. Since my palette for the winter is mostly black and gray. I livened up my wardrobe by wearing bright statement jewelry necklaces, earrings, and decadent turbans.

My wardrobe is basic af for now. But before the winter is out, I want to add more polish  and sophistication to it. Slowly but surely it is getting there!

The journey is always what counts!

Let me know about where you are in your fashion journey and if you have every tried minimalism! Leave your comments below!!!

Smooches, hugs, and abundant love!!!


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