Product Review: Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid


First off, I must say that I am not too impressed with this product. Although the color is very vivid,the product absolutely did not dry to a matte finish at all. If anything the product was more like a highly pigmented lip gloss (which was not what I was looking for). As the day progressed, the lip color bled past my natural lip line which made the color look murky and I started to look like a clown….The product also ┬ádid not stay on my lips for long.
Now before writing off any product for good, I always try to give it one more fighting chance. So today, I applied a lip liner to my lips before sticking on the matte liquid to see if the product bled less. I must say that applying a lip liner first did prevent it from doing so, the bleeding wasn’t as bad as the first time that I tried the product. However, adding in a lip liner still did not prevent the bleeding and the color started to fade.

The moment of truth: Would I recommend this product? Will I buy more?

No and No!

I think I will be sticking with the NYX matte lip products for now!

Let me know if you tried this product and also tell me your favorite matte lip products!

xoxo Smooches!


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