Holiday 2017 Beauty Ideas for Eyeshadow, Lips, and Nails!

Holiday Beauty!


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Gratitude List

Gratitude List Grateful Gratitude Holiday Holidays

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My Minimalist Wardrobe + Do I recommend Minimalism???

Minimalism Wardrobe Fashion Minimalist Fashion

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Falling In Love With Yourself

Good Day Dear Readers!

November has caressed 2017 with such glorious splendor! With the chilly season in full effect, it is an excellent time to talk about falling in love with ourselves!

Falling in love with yourself is a necessary component to live this life fully. In society, we spend so much time focusing on how to love others,that we leave our beings on the back burner.

Why do we do that to ourselves?

The hidden truth is that no one can love us more deeply than our own inner selves. When we take the time to learn about who we are, listen to our inner soul, and become our own lover, we cultivate a trust in ourselves that is unshakeable!

Do you love yourself? What did you do to help you get to this point?

Let me know in the comments or on one of my social media pages!


New Month New Reads: Super Awesome, Fantastic November To Be Read!

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3 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Hair

Natural Hair Fall in Love Black Hair Afro Hair Hair Care

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My Fall 2017 Natural Hair Regimen

Fall 2017 Natural Hair Regimen

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Lessons Learned in October

October Monthly Spread

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My Top 3 Netflix Halloween Movies

Netflix Halloween Movies

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How I Achieved My 2017 Reading Goals + My Top Tip for Reading Books Faster

                   A few of the books I read this year!

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